On 28th May UzVC National Venture Capital Fund has participated in the first Central Asian Venture forum along with the representatives of newly established private venture capital funds Uzcard Ventures and Semurg VC, as well as with the British fund Sturgeon Capital, Kazakh funds Qaztech Ventures and MOST Ventures, Kyrgyz fund Numba One.

A distinguished guest of the forum Viktor Orlovskiy, Managing Partner of Fort Ross Ventures, shared valuable insights about “Trends and features of the development of venture capital financing in the world”. During the forum there were held lively discussions among venture funds, investment companies and a founder of Billz, who has a successful deal with Sturgeon Capital, about the Central Asian market and “business angels” in the global venture capital community. Moreover, there was a pitch session for startups and investors in the second half of the forum. At the end of the forum, the Director of UzVC National Venture Capital fund Dilshod Khashimov has signed Memorandum of understanding and partnership with the director on corporative innovations of Uzcard Ventures Dilshod Zufarov and the deputy chairperson of Qaztech Ventures Dias Beksoltan.