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UzVC National Venture capital Fund, in cooperation with the USAID’s Future growth initiative project, is organizing Fund Management Master classes on November 2-4, 2021, to discuss topics in venture capital, including the problems in developing a venture capital ecosystem in Uzbekistan and possible solutions to them. During the event the representatives of well-known international venture capital funds will share their experience on investing in startups.

Representatives of well-known companies as “500 startups” international venture capital fund and accelerator, the European Investment Fund, EBRD Venture Capital, FMFIB, Quest Ventures (Singapore), Sturgeon Capital (UK), Vitosha Venture Partners (Europe) will be the speakers of this event.

November 2. On the first day of Master Classes, local startups will have an opportunity to personally meet representatives of well-known international venture capital funds, listen to advice on various topics in venture capital, ask questions of interest and participate in networking sessions.

Startups willing to attend the first day of the event must fill out a request form and receive a confirmation from UzVC. Link to the request form.

The request form for the broadcast link to the First day.

November 3-4. The following days will be devoted to Master classes from leading venture capital funds for local venture capital investors, business angels and other stakeholders, including government organizations.

The request form to receive the broadcast link to the masterclasses.

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